Add your name: No Iowan should go hungry

Every Iowan should know where their next meal is coming from.

Iowa Republicans are proposing a series of extremely restrictive measures to keep food away from hungry Iowans. It's punitive and is purely about politics. We all agree: no one should go hungry because of a political agenda. PERIOD.

But House File 3, the Republican proposal to ban a number of basic necessities, could jeopardize the well being of the 270,000 Iowans who use this program to help put food on the table. Despite SNAP being federally funded, HF3 proposes restricting food choices, and including more barriers that will only result in more people going hungry. Iowans want to take care of each other as our neighbors. Not prevent each other from getting a decent meal.

Add your name today. Tell Iowa Republicans: No Iowan should go hungry!

*Names and comments will be sent to Iowa legislators considering the legislation in subcommittee, committee, and in leadership if it moves forward. To learn more about the proposal, click here for additional information from the Iowa Hunger Coalition.*
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