Keep Kids In School. Not Picking Up Shifts

Our children belong in school, not working a dangerous job to fatten up corporate profits. Led and pushed by the labor movement, one of our successes for working families was to keep children in school and for America and Iowa to stop sending them into dangerous occupations. Right now, Republicans in the Iowa Legislature are trying to undo that proud history. They are putting wealthy corporations ahead of our kids by introducing Senate File 542 and House File 647, which opens up dangerous occupations and work activities for our kids where they can be seriously hurt or killed. This isn't right for Iowa. Placing children in unsafe working conditions is not a solution to Iowa’s worker shortage.

The question isn't whether our children should have the opportunity to work. The question is what's appropriate and safe for our children. Let's let our kids be kids. We won't sell them out to be tools of multinational corporations for their own profit.

We have to fight to protect all Iowa children and preserve their rights.  Add your name. Contact your legislators. Tell them to oppose Senate File 542 and House File 647, and let them know rolling back child labor law isn't the answer to anything - it only puts kids in danger, or even worse.

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